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Project Information

Key Considerations

Specialist advice and consultation has been sought on four specific areas:

  • ecological biodiversity
  • rural fire service consultation
  • traffic, roads and pedestrian flow
  • comprehensive development planning and legislation.
the-oaks-ranch-estate-mossy-point-fire-coals | The Oaks Ranch Estate Life and property is protected by extensive
Assets Protection Zones.

Understanding and mitigating bushfire hazards locally

We have consulted with the Rural Fire Service to create a comprehensive safe bush fire protection strategy.

The Bushfire Constraints report prepared demonstrates the following:All proposed residential building envelopes for subdivision are located within BAL 29 or less as specified by both the Planning for Bushfire Protection (2019) (PBP 2019). ...

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the-oaks-ranch-estate-mossy-point-theavenue | The Oaks Ranch Estate The Avenue, part of the beautiful entrance to the estate

Local traffic and road infrastructure

We will ensure that the existing Estuary Estate and Oaks Ranch local roads do not become a rat-run or short cut between the highway and the coast.

A structured street network maintains a holiday feel. Local streets provide the primary access throughout the site and have been designed to be extensively landscaped without any driveway crossovers. Minor streets are intended for residents only t...

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the-oaks-ranch-estate-mossy-point-point-kangaroo-on-road | The Oaks Ranch Estate Zone Planning and Mapping

Development planning and legislation

Development for the purposes of residential accommodation, consisting of no more than 90 dwellings, is permitted with development consent

The Oaks Ranch development proposal is wholly permissible under the Eurobodalla LEP. We are currently finalising our Development Application and intend to submit our Development Application to Eurobodalla Shire Council in mid-2020.The project ...

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mossy-point-estate-developement-yellow-bellied-glider | The Oaks Ranch Estate It is special to spot one of our locals

Respecting the area’s biodiversity

We have engaged an ecologist to prepare a Biodiversity Development Assessment Report which informed our design of the masterplan and found the development avoids impacts on key biodiversity values by:1. Avoiding development on the southern par...

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