Homes & Resort Villas

Two styles of holiday resort villas and four styles of house & land residences.

The Oaks Ranch Estate is a resort-style residential and holiday community surrounded by nature with a vast amount of internal green space. This is a masterplanned and architecturally designed development offering a variety of housing styles and finishes.

mossy-point-estate-developement-Oaks_Draft-DA-Report_Landscape-Zoning-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-Oaks_Draft-DA-Report_Landscape-Zoning-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-Oaks_Draft-DA-Report_Landscape-Zoning-3 | The Oaks Ranch Estate

The landscape planning integrates the golf course and a native planting program to increase habitat

The existing motel architecture will be complemented with hardy Mediterranean and Australian native plantings. The holiday accommodation landscaping will blend with the golf course landscape and feature native plantings to increase habitat as well as porous materials such as gravel driveways and timber. The suburban lots will have no fences and instead feature a native planting program with screen plants along boundaries with landscaped garden entries.

mossy-point-estate-developement-villa-house-render | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-resort-villa-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-resort-villa-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-resort-villa-deluxe-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-resort-villa-deluxe-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate

Resort Villas

The 75 holiday Resort Villas overlooking a natural landscape signature golf course, are in two pockets - one east and one west and come in two different designs that can include plunge pools if desired.

mossy-point-estate-developement-house-villa-render | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-east-west-house-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-east-west-house-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-single-level-house-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-single-level-house-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-north-south-house-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-north-south-house-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-rural-house-1 | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-rural-house-2 | The Oaks Ranch Estate

House and Land

The residential precinct offers 90 permanent house-and-land lots each overlooking a park, bushland or both! The house and land packages will offer four architecturally designed styles and each will be available in four different finishes.

mossy-point-estate-developement-resort-villas-colours | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-houses-mixed | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-houses-neutral | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-houses-white | The Oaks Ranch Estate
mossy-point-estate-developement-houses-black | The Oaks Ranch Estate

Choice of colours and finishes

The holiday resort villas feature a ‘mixed’ colour scheme and finishes and the residential houses are all available in mixed, black, white and neutral colour schemes and finishes.