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Economic Benefits

Construction of The Oaks Ranch Estate will support 320 direct, and 500 indirect local jobs during construction. A further 40 direct and 32 indirect local jobs will be created for the ongoing operation of the resort and facilities. We will support local training and apprenticeship in areas of Hotel Management, Hospitality, and Green Keeping. By combining conference facilities into the Oaks Ranch Resort, we will attract higher-spending business and community visitors to the area. Our Greg Norman designed golf course will also be a significant drawcard for new high-income visitors. Oaks Ranch will be like no other resort on the south coast, attracting new visitors that would not have otherwise come to the area.

Significant investment into the local economy

The overall vision for the project brings a significant investment to the local region as a whole and will continue to attract visitors and new residents.

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Creating building industry job opportunities

Many trades and specialist craftsman will be needed to assist in building and creating the many stages of this development over the coming years.

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The Oaks Ranch Estate will attract tourists from all parts of Australia and overseas. They will come for leisure, relaxation, golf, conferences, weddings, celebrations and inject valuable tourism dollars into the local community.

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Conservation | The Oaks Ranch Estate

Conservation of native vegetation

As part of the master-planned development at The Oaks Ranch Estate we will be retaining, managing and rehabilitating more than 90% of established bushland and rehabilitate some of the degraded pasture areas to support the local ecology and environment.

Creating traineeships | The Oaks Ranch Estate

Creating traineeships and long term hospitality opportunities

There will be numerous opportunities for new employment seekers to access apprenticeships and traineeships in the many hospitality business areas.

Golf | The Oaks Ranch Estate

A world class signature golf course plus associated job opportunities

As with all tourism destinations, having a world-class designed golf course will attract many visitors as well as provide many job opportunities.

Events | The Oaks Ranch Estate

The future of Conferences and Events

The conference market is especially important as there are no similar facilities meeting this demand in the area.